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Georgian Cuisine : MeatsDadiani Mingrelian Mtsvadi
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Dadiani Mingrelian Mtsvadi
 (Dadiani version as made in Mingrelia Region of Georgia)

Similar to the Mtsvadi plus a few more ingredients and wine. Never to be cooked on a stove. Always on a barbecue grill.


Same as Mtsvadi and plus:

20 -30 round small mushrooms
1 large green bell peppers cut each into eight pieces. Remove core and seeds from each.
12 chili serranos
2 fifths of burgundy or claret
20-30 small round tomatoes

Same preparation. After completion of mixing and etc., open a bottle of claret (my choice) and pour the wine completely covering the mixture. Place a tight lid over the mixing bowl (ceramic) and cover it with a thick flannel cloth. Place the whole bowl into a room temperature shelf or closet. If you are sure that you are not going to cook anything on the stove place the above into the oven and leave covered inside for 24 hours.

When ready to cook prepare the coals. And place the chili serranos around one side of the grill only. You will need the rest of the grill for the skewers. While the coals are catching on fire start placing in the following order the ingredients on to the skewers. You will probably need 8 skewers. Slide on to the skewer meat first, then onion, then mushroom then the bell pepper and then tomato. By the time you are finished in piercing all of the ingredients on to the skewers the fire should be ready. If you can hold an open palm over the ambers for not more than 3 seconds---the fire is ready. Your palm should just be over the grill---maybe one inch above it.

The skewers should be flat and not round.
Turn each skewer only once. Give about 5 minutes on one side and three on the other side. Mtsvadi should be pink.

Place salt and pepper shakers on the table and some goblets. The two and one quarter of remaining claret is for consumption. Alla verdi.



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