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The Constitution of Georgia : Transitional Provisions
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Transitional Provisions

Article 104

  1. The Constitution of Georgia enters into force from the day of the recognition of the authority of the newly elected President and Parliament of Georgia.
  2. Articles 49, 50 and 70 of the Constitution enter into force immediately after the promulgation of the Constitution.

Article 105

  1. The right to participate in the elections of 1995, belongs to political unions of citizens registered by rules determined by law, whose initiative is confirmed by 50 000 signatories, or which had a representative in the Parliament on the day this Constitution was adopted.
  2. Proportional elections are held under a single party list.
  3. A political union or electoral bloc has the right to submit to the majoritarian electoral district a candidate who is also on a party list for the elections held under the proportional system.
  4. In majoritarian electoral districts the candidate who receives the most votes, but not less than one third of the participants in the balloting is elected the Member of Parliament.
  5. If none of the candidates receives the required number of votes in the first round, a second round will be held between the two candidates having the best results.
  6. This Article enters into force immediately after the promulgation of this Constitution and functions before the authorities of the newly elected Parliament are recognized.

Article 106

  1. After the Constitution enters into force, only those laws or parts of them which are not in contradiction to this Constitution have legal force.
  2. Two years after the Constitution comes into force, the President and Parliament guarantee the official registration of normative acts adopted before the Constitution came into force and their consistency with the Constitution and laws.
  3. Two years after the Constitution enters into force the Parliament of Georgia must adopt organic laws envisaged by the Constitution, or confirm the legality of normative acts which exist in those areas.

Article 107

  1. Before the adoption of organic laws of legal force, current legislation remains valid according to the Constitution.
  2. Article 18 clauses 1 and 2 enter into force after the adoption of the appropriate legislative acts of criminal procedure.
  3. The organic law on the Constitutional Court is to be adopted before February 1st, 1996.

Article 108

An exception to Article 102.2 making changes or additions connected with the complete restoration of jurisdiction over the whole territory of Georgia is possible without promulgating the bill on the revision of the Constitution for general public consideration.

Article 109

  1. The Head of State signs and promulgates the Constitution adopted by the appropriate procedures.
  2. Members of the current Georgian Parliament and the Constitutional commission sign the text of the Constitution. After the Constitution enters into force, for at least one year, the text of the Constitution must be displayed openly in the buildings o f every local body of Georgia, in order that everyone may be allowed to know its contents.
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