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from 30 April, 1999

Georgian Language : Training of the Georgian Language
A self-study and reference phrase-book with two audio cassettes.
by Khatuna Gelashvili
104 pages and 2 audio cassettes (2002, Tbilisi)
Recommended for English-speaking beginning learners of the Georgian language as a refresher course for those who learn the language thoroughly. [More Information]
The Books
  • Georgian : A Learner's Grammar (Routledge Grammars)
    by B. G. Hewitt, George Hewitt
    Paperback - 483 pages (April 1996)
    Routledge; ISBN: 0415102731
    Price: $39.99  by amazon.com
    An introductory grammar of the Georgian language, presenting the language in the form of grammatical descriptions supplemented with dialogues as reading passages. Emphasis is on script reproduction and recognition, pronunciation, lexis, and individual points of grammar. Includes exercises and answers, a glossary of grammatical terms, a Georgian-English glossary, and a list of Georgian set phrases. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
  • Georgian: A Reading Grammar
    by Howard I Aronson
    Paperback - 580 pages; Reprint edition (January 1990)
    Slavica Pub; ISBN: 0893572071
    Price: $28.95  by amazon.com
    Reviews:  This book and four-cassette course is designed to teach you how to read Georgian literature. It is intended for beginners and starts by teaching the unique Georgian alphabet and basic pronunciation. The passages in the book have been selected from modern and classical Georgian publications and the text is recorded on the cassettes.
  • Georgian-English/English-Georgian Dictionary and Phrasebook 
    (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebook Series)
    by Nicholas Awde, Thea Khitarishvili
    Paperback - 150 pages Geo-Eng edition (May 1997)
    Hippocrene Books; ISBN: 0781805422
    Price: $9.56  by amazon.com
    Reviews:  This book is very helpful tool for communicating in one of the most important countries of the former Soviet Union. In addition to the dictionary and phrasebook, basic grammar and pronunciation guides are included, as well as maps and a reading list. First time travelers to the country will find the phrasebook very useful for everyday transactions and communication. 1,300 entries.
  • Georgian-English English-Georgian Dictionary
    by John J. Tarikashvili, Ida Bestavashuili
    Paperback - 346 pages (1992)
    ISBN: 0870521217
    Price: $???  by amazon.com
    Reviews:  This is a concise 346-page bi-directional Georgian and English dictionary. 8,000 entries.
  • Alphabetic Writing and the Old Georgian Script : A Typology and Provenience of Alphabetic Writing Systems (Anatolian and Caucasian Studies)
    by Tamaz Gamqrelize, Thomas V. Gamkrelidze

    Hardcover english edition (December 1994)
    Caravan Books; ISBN: 0882060821
    Our Price: $75.00  by amazon.com

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