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from 30 April, 1999

Georgian Language : Training of the Georgian Language : Books
For English-Speakers
Who Need the Georgian Language

Speak Georgian, even when you don't know it.
Price: 30 GEL 20% discount for 
10 and more copies.
plastic box containing a set
of the phrase-book booklet 
and the two audiocassettes 
the phrase-book
two audio cassettes

  • Recommended for English-speaking beginning learners of the Georgian language, a reference guide for those who need to communicate in Georgian for a short time, or as a refresher course for those who learn the language thoroughly.
  • The phrase-book and cassettes contain 33 conversational topics, such as: greetings, telephone conversation, transportation, business, emergency situations, the Georgian table and more, that cover basic Georgian conversational phrases.
  • The booklet also contains: an introduction description of the Georgian letters and sounds, an appendix and a vocabulary index.
  • You can listen to the recorded cassettes while exercising, driving anytime, anywhere.
  • The phrase-book was written by a Georgian, who has a linguistic education and practical experience teaching Georgian as a foreign language to English-speakers.
  • Finally, this is the most practical self-study course that really works.

. . . Or learn the Georgian Language taking classes from the author of the phrase-book.

Available at Prospero's Books, Eurocentre, Metechi, restourant Graz, in bookshops and the central post office on Rustaveli Avenue, at the airport, etc. 
For more information contact 
Khatuna Gelashvili 
Tel: (995 32) 53-89-61
Cell: 899 19-78-15
E-mail: khatogela@hotmail.com


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