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Organizing structure

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Departments of Library
  • Production - Creative Personnel
    • Bibliographic department
    • Interlibrary Loan department
    • Rarity department
    • Exchange and reserve fund
    • Depositary department
    • Acquisition department
    • Classification and real catalogue organization department
    • Classification and alphabetical catalogue organization department
    • Public Relations department
    • Readers service department Common reading hall N1 Scholars' reading hall N2 Periodicals reading hall N3 Fine drawing's sector Cartographical editions sector Registry
    • Periodicals acquisition department
    • Periodicals processing department
    • Periodicals depository department
    • Information centre
    • Scientific-information department of culture and arts
    • Archive documents collecting processing and protecting department
    • Library automation department
    • Technical, agricultural, medical, economical, juridical, and UNESCO editions service department
    • Scientific-methodical department
    • Scientific-research sector
    • Music and audio-visual editions department
    • Department of acquisition, processing and service of economical, special types of technical documentation and technical-information sources
    • Jurisprudence, agricultural, technique and medical specialists informational-bibliographical service department
    • Special literature department
    • Foreign literature department
    • Kartvelological department
    • Artists group.
    • Georgian books depository department
    • Russian books depository department
    • Hygiene and restoration department
    • Cataloguists and consultants group
    • Publishing and information materials printing department

    Creative Staff
    • Mechanization and new technologies department
    • Photo laboratory
    • Binding sector
    • Signalling and communication
    • Economic department
    • Fire-prevention devices and fire-defence department


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