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The Short History of Library

The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia stands in the center of Tbilisi, on Lado Gudiashvili street.It has three old buildings decorated with the old Georgian ornaments and one modern one. The library has 150 years of history. Its predecessor was a public library which was founded in 1846, and was based on vicegerent's private library, which consisted from 6200 printed items. Tbilisi Public Library has been considered as one of the best from the second half of XIX century by foreign travelers and scientists, who visited Tbilisi.

From 1931 the library moved to the building of the former Nobility Bank (current first building). It was built in XIX century and is one of the most beautiful specimen of the Georgian architecture. Afterwards the Library joined several excellent buildings.

The name of the library was changed several times and from 1997 it is called the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

There are preserved many collections of the famous scientists, publicmen, writers, institutions and organizations. There are stored unique and rich literature in regional studies.   Over 16 million printed items are stored in large, light reading rooms, halls and spacious cellars.

The oldest book preserved in the library is Seneka's "Tragedies", which is printed in Florentia in 1506. Among the oldest manuscripts  preserved in the library is XIII century Georgian manuscript of "Gospel".

Nowadays the aim of the Library is to serve the readers, both - residents of Georgia and those who are outside the country, using broad capabilities of high technologies on the level of modern standards. The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Parliament and the Georgian people and sustain and preserve the universal collection of  knowledge for future generations.

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